Telco-OTT Battle Is Looming In India As Net Neutrality Policy Is Reviewed

Posted by Matt Walker  on December 14, 2017

Globally, operators are experiencing a rough patch, with sliding core revenues combined with an ongoing need to invest and maintain their networks. The wide usage of apps and services provided by OTTs, purchased easily from a smartphone or other device (e.g. Apple TV, R... READ MORE

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Indian Operators Divesting Tower Assets To Raise Cash

Posted by Matt Walker  on November 2, 2017

Faced with tough competition and high debt, Indian telecom operators are spinning off their tower assets to investors or independent tower companies to improve their financial situation. The 2016 sale of Tata Teleservices’ tower business (Viom) to ATC, an... READ MORE

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Decades-Long Copper Retirement Process Is Just Starting For Verizon And AT&T

Posted by Matt Walker  on October 13, 2017

Incumbent telcos in markets like the US have built their networks gradually, over many decades. In the access plant, the trend towards more fiber began in the 1990s – but applications, products, and overall economics have come together just in the last several yea... READ MORE

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Rising Costs Plague India’s Tata Teleservices As Competition Intensifies

Posted by Matt Walker  on September 27, 2017

Tata Group is looking for a clean break Tata Teleservices (TTSL) has family ties to one of India’s biggest industry groups, but that hasn’t helped it escape the “Jio effect” in recent years.  With just 8.7 million subscribers and ... READ MORE

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Running Converged Networks Is Costly; A View From Thailand

Posted by Matt Walker  on September 23, 2017

Mobile operator AIS to consolidate ownership in CS Loxinfo Thailand’s largest mobile operator AIS announced this month it would spend $79M to buy a 56% stake in CS Loxinfo, an enterprise-focused fixed line operator. AIS is picking up 42% from a Thaicom ... READ MORE

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Commentary: US Senate Intel hearing & implications for Chinese vendors

Posted by Matt Walker  on February 14, 2018

What happenedThe US Senate Intelligence Committee held an open hearing on “Worldwide Threats” yesterday. Among many topics covered was the national security implications of US telcos deploying equipment from Chinese vendors. Huawei and ZTE, in particular. The six witnesses pr... READ MORE

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Rocky path ahead for China Tower as it looks to go public

Posted by Subramanian Venkatraman  on July 10, 2018

Mobile tower infrastructure provider China Tower has won approval in Hong Kong for an IPO in what bodes to be the largest IPO in Hong Kong since 2010. Speculation is rife that the IPO could raise up to $10 billion for China Tower. That’s over twice the IPO of Chin... READ MORE

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Alibaba Takes On Amazon, Google, And Microsoft Head-On In India’s Cloud Market

Posted by Matt Walker  on May 31, 2018

It’s a battle between the emerging giant of the east and the pioneers of the west in the highly competitive Indian cloud computing market, as Alibaba prepares to take on the “big three”: Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. The Chinese ecommerce behemoth, w... READ MORE

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Can India use 5G to improve local vendors’ position in global supply chains?

Posted by Matt Walker  on August 14, 2018

In the six years since India’s last telecom sector reform, operators have made big investments in their networks, the country’s subscriber levels have grown, and prices have declined. 4G is now well established, and fixed line broadband finally has decent pr... READ MORE

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