Technology insights

Technology insights

Technological change underpins much of the change seen in the telecom industry over the last decade. New technologies were vital to the creation of a "cloud" industry sector, and the growing maturity of the IoT ecosystem. Understanding trends in telecom, cloud & IoT markets therefore must involve deep dive analysis of new technologies: what new process or service do they enable, what problem they claim to solve, what companies or processes they compete with, who benefits from the change, who are the early leaders, and what kind of market growth is likely.

In 2018, our technology-focused research target two big areas: self-driving (autonomous) vehicles, and artificial intelligence. Our planned reports for the year include the following:

  • Review of the autonomous car's impact on communications networks
  • Findings from the Arizona self-driving experiment: politics to vendors
  • LIDAR's future and vendor opportunities
  • AI in the telco, beyond call centers
  • Labor cost savings & AI: a quantitative review
  • AI & machine learning in the data center


Publication schedule: 3Q18

July 14, 2018

This summarizes MTN Consulting’s recently published research and publication plans for the next three months. Each listed report falls under one of our three trackers.    Research calendar - 3Q18 ... READ MORE

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