Our Research

Our published research covers a broad range of topics across telecommunications, cloud, and IoT market markets. Individual reports focus on specific companies, technologies, and markets. Some of the questions answered by our research include:

  • Who are the top 150 companies investing in communications networks worldwide? How is their network spending changing over time?
  • How will 5G be deployed, how much will it cost, and what new services will it enable?
  • Who are the important tech suppliers involved in webscale network construction? How do WNOs develop technologies internally & push to market?
  • What role will carrier-neutral network providers play in the 5G market? What new business models are CNNOs pursuing outside telecom?
  • Who are the top 50 vendors to the telecom network operator vertical? How is their market share changing?
  • How will supply chains evolve as politics & security issues alter the US-China relationship?
  • What strategies are telcos adopting to reduce their operating expenses? Which ones are succeeding?
  • How are telecom operators reshaping their workforces, and what is the role of artificial intelligence? Who may benefit from telco AI?
  • Who will be the key players in the connected car market, and what are the main opportunities for network operators?
  • What is the role of edge computing in future networks? How will data center designs change?

Most clients interested in our research purchase a subscription to our Global Network Infrastructure (GNI) annual information service. Subscribers receive all of our research, and can engage with analysts to dig deeper.


Company insights

The global telecommunications and cloud computing sectors are composed of hundreds of vendors & thousands of network operators across the globe, but a handful of companies drive the market. On the supply side, Huawei more

Technology insights

Technological change underpins much of the change seen in the telecom industry over the last decade. New technologies were vital to the creation of a “cloud” industry sector, and the growing maturity of the IoT more

Market insights

MTN Consulting’s published research covers a wide range of market issues. Each quarter, our three market segment trackers assess the growth and development of telco, webscale, and carrier-neutral network operators. more


Our product bundles deliver clients a pre-packaged set of research on specific market segments (such as webscale), or topics (vendor market share).  Product bundles include both published and upcoming reports, giving more

Market Data

We track network infrastructure spending and vendor share across companies representing over $3 Trillion in annual revenues. This generates thousands of data points each quarter, across multiple industry segments. Clients have several ways to access this data:

  • Annual subscription: Subscribers to our annual “Global Network Infrastructure” service receive all underlying data and data products, as well as our qualitative research.
  • Market data bundle: We package a subset of our research into a “Market data bundle”. This bundle contains our three quantitative market trackers focused on network operators. See below for details.
  • Customization: Through consulting, we support clients who need to track quarterly data trends in a specific market segment (e.g. Southeast Asian subsea cable investment). Please contact us with your requirements… read more