Our Research

MTN Consulting conducts ongoing, quarterly research across the tech industry, from telecommunications operators to semiconductor test specialists. Our research offerings include annual subscription trackers, stand-alone market reports, and data slices.


Network Infrastructure

Our Network Infrastructure trackers cover network operators and their technology supply chains. Each of our NI trackers provide extensive detail on network infrastructure spending & technology evolution, for a range of v... READ MORE


Coming soon \... READ MORE


Company insights

The global telecommunications industry is composed of thousands of vendors & hundreds of network operators across the globe, but a handful of companies drive the market. On the supply side, Huawei Technolog... READ MORE

Technology insights

Technological change underpins much of the change seen in the telecom industry over the last decade. New technologies were vital to the creation of a "cloud" industry sector, and the growing maturity of the IoT ecosystem... READ MORE

Market insights

MTN Consulting publishes reports addressing a wide range of market issues. These Market Insights are available to subscribers of our GNI tracker. Our 2018 coverage includes: telco labor costs and layoff plans; ... READ MORE


Market landscape trackers

MTN Consulting publishes one Excel-based financial tracker per quarter for each of its network operator segments ... READ MORE