Telecommunications Network Operators: 1Q20 Market Review
Telcom revenues decline over 2% on YoY basis in 1Q20 as IMF projects 5% GDP dip in 2020
By Subramanian Venkatraman and Matt Walker

This market review provides a comprehensive assessment of the global telecommunications industry based on financial results through January 2020 (1Q20). The report tracks revenue, capex and employee for 138 individual telecommunications network operators (TNOs). For a sub-group of 50 large TNOs, the report also assesses labor cost, opex and operating profit trends. Our coverage timeframe spans 1Q11-1Q20 (37 quarters). The report’s format is Excel.

Table Of Contents

  1. Abstract
  2. Market snapshot
  3. Market overview
  4. Key stats through 1Q20
  5. Operator rankings
  6. Single-company drilldowns
  7. Country breakouts
  8. Regional breakouts
  9. TNO-138: Revenue, capex and headcount for 138 TNOs
  10. TNO-50: Cost and profitability metrics
  11. M&A, software & spectrum spend
  12. Raw Data
  13. Subs & traffic
  14. Exchange rates
  15. About (including methodology)

Figure & Charts

1) TNOs: Annualized revenue ($M) and YoY growth (%), 1Q15-1Q20

2) TNOs: Annualized capex ($M) and capital intensity (%), 1Q15-1Q20

3) Labor cost/revenue (%), 2019

4) Labor cost and labor cost per employee, 2019 YoY change (%)

5) Change in annualized operating margins (YoY percentage point difference 1Q14-1Q20)

6) Local currency value vs. US$ (QoQ change)

7) Top 20 share of the market, 1Q20

8) Top 20 TNOs by total capex, 1Q20

9) Top 20 TNOs by total revenue, 1Q20

10) TNOs: YoY growth in single quarter revenues

11) TNOs: Annualized capital intensity, 1Q12-1Q20

12) TNOs: Revenue and RPE, annualized 1Q15-1Q20

13) TNOs: Capex and capital intensity (annualized), 1Q15-1Q20

14) TNOs: Total headcount trends, 1Q15-1Q20

15) TNOs: Revenue and RPE trends, 2011-19

16) TNOs: Capex and capital intensity, 2011-19 ($ Mn)

17) TNOs: Capex and capital intensity, 1Q15-1Q20 ($ Mn)

18) TNOs: Revenue and RPE trends, 1Q15-1Q20

19) Top 50 TNOs by total opex, 1Q20

20) Top 50 TNOs by labor costs, 1Q20

21) TNOs: Software as % of total capex

22) TNOs: Software & spectrum spend

23) TNOs: Total M&A, spectrum and capex (excl. spectrum)

24) Top 50 TNOs by total debt: 2011-19

25) Top 50 TNOs by total net debt: 2011-19

26) Top 50 TNOs by long term debt: 2011-19

27) Top 50 TNOs by short term debt: 2011-19

28) Top 50 TNOs by total cash and short term investments ($M): 2011-19


Regional coverage:

Asia Americas Europe MEA


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