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The global telecommunications and cloud computing sectors are composed of hundreds of vendors & thousands of network operators across the globe, but a handful of companies drive the market. On the supply side, Huawei Technologies is the most influential vendor, but Cisco, Nokia, Ericsson, HPE, IBM, Intel and Nvidia are also important movers & shakers. On the demand side, key network operators include big telcos Vodafone, China Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, Telefonica, and Orange, as well as webscale network operators Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft who also self-design. Crown Castle, Equinix, and American Tower are among the more significant carrier-neutral network operators.

To effectively understand these key players, MTN Consulting publishes playbooks and similar company-focused studies. In addition to the “Webscale Playbooks” already published, research underway in 2020 focuses on suppliers such as Huawei, Cisco and Ericsson, and telcos Softbank, China Mobile, Verizon and Telefonica. We also will be publishing additional playbooks on Facebook, Tencent, and Apple.


Network Spending Profile: Etisalat

By Matt Walker published on May 25, 2021 The Emirates Telecommunications Group, better known as Etisalat, is the UAE’s largest telco group and the second largest in the MEA region. In 2020 Etisalat reported annual revenues of $14.1 ... read more

Network Spending Profile: Orange

By Matt Walker published on April 15, 2021 Orange is one of the largest telcos in the world. As of the end of 3Q20, its global rank was 9 based upon total employees and annualized capex, and 12 if based upon annualized ... read more

Network Spending Profile: Comcast

By Matt Walker published on March 2, 2021 Comcast Corporation is a global media and communications conglomerate with two divisions offering telecommunications services based upon a cable TV-centric network infrastructure. The two units... read more

Network Spending Profile: Axiata

By Matt Walker published on February 12, 2021 Axiata is a Malaysia-based multinational mobile operator with presence in 11 Asian markets. Axiata provides digital telco services to mobile, home and enterprise customers; digital financial se... read more

CNNO Playbook: Crown Castle

By Subramanian Venkatraman published on August 17, 2020 The big three U.S. telcos (AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile) have historically owned and operated their own towers. However, with rising debt and heavy costs involved in deployin... read more

Webscale Playbook: Tencent

By Arun Menon published on August 14, 2020 Tencent’s meteoric rise into one of the leading internet businesses coincides with China’s internet boom that started at the end of 20th century. According to the read more

Telco Playbook: Jio Platforms Limited

By Subramanian Venkatraman published on August 4, 2020 Jio Platforms has come a long way since its inception. It launched its own greenfield 4G operation in late 2016 and used aggressive pricing and careful planning to go from zero... read more

Webscale Playbook: Apple

By Arun Menon and Matt Walker published on February 24, 2020 Apple has come far since its inception in 1976. It has progressed from selling user-friendly computer systems (Macintosh, iMac) and portable media players (iPod), to become a dominant force in mobile devices, starting with the launch of iPhone in 200... read more

Webscale Playbook: Facebook

By Arun Menon and Matt Walker published on July 2, 2019 This report is the sixth in MTN Consulting’s Webscale Playbook series, which analyze the “Super 8” webscale network operators (WNOs), i.e. Alibaba, Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Baidu, Facebook, Microsoft, and Tencent. The objective of this report i... read more

TNO Playbook: AT&T

By Subramanian Venkatraman published on June 18, 2019 This report is the first in MTN Consulting’s TNO Playbook series. This report was prepared as part of MTN Consulting’s Global Network Infrastructure tracker. Our GNI tracke... read more