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Network Spending Profile: Swisscom

By Matt Walker published on September 13, 2021

Swisscom is Switzerland’s incumbent telco, 51% owned by the Swiss government. Its telco operations are in Switzerland and Italy. In 2020, total revenues were $11.8B, up 2.7% from 2019. Swi... read more

Network operator capex to hit $591B in 2025

By Matt Walker published on August 23, 2021

Summary This commentary explains the network spending forecast update issued in August 2021, comparing it to the forecast published in December 2020 (“Network operator capex to hit $520... read more

Competitive Intelligence Briefing: Data Center Chips

By Arun Menon published on August 12, 2021

Summary The battle is getting intense in the lucrative data center chips market amid supply chain shortages and delays caused by Covid-19 pandemic. Central to this battle is the Intel-AMD... read more