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Visualizing World Markets, 2011-19

By Matt Walker published on October 27, 2020

The purpose of this report is to provide a compilation of demographic, economic and telecommunications statistics for a large number of countries (167) in a user-friendly format. Users simpl... read more

Intel’s Road to Redemption

By Arun Menon published on October 6, 2020

Summary After years of delay with 10nm chips, production roadblocks are again haunting Intel. The company has confirmed that its new line of server processors and chips based on 7nm proce... read more

Telco Capex: 2Q20 Results and Outlook

By Matt Walker published on October 1, 2020

Summary Webscale capex hit an all-time high in 2Q20, but the opposite happened in telecom. Telco capex in 2Q20 amounted to $65.5B, down 6.2% from the 2Q19 period. That pushed telco capex ... read more