Our Latest Research

Our Latest Research

Telco software capex on the rise

By Matt Walker published on May 4, 2020

Software is central to telco efforts to compete Over the last two decades, software has become the key ingredient to delivering value in networks. That has accelerated in the last five ye... read more

The spectrum cost challenge to 5G

By Matt Walker published on April 27, 2020

Success of 5G relies heavily on affordable spectrum Telecom operators are in the midst of an expensive network upgrade to support 5G mobile communications. Buying the spectrum — the rad... read more

Telecom’s biggest vendors – 4Q19 edition

By Matt Walker published on April 17, 2020

This report is focused on technology spending by telecommunications network operators (TNOs, or telcos), covering 121 vendors from 2013-2019. Telco NI vendor revenues down 2% in 2019 I... read more